For ten fuzzy months, the Spit ‘n’ Static! signal has been enlightening Earth, via Bristol’s 1020 Radio, with it’s awesome synthpunk sludge and fuzzy warbles. For it’s eleventh hit, it demands more than just your usual exposure…it demands your ‘Ascension’!

WHAT IS ASCENSION???!!! ‘Ascension’ is the exciting, wonderful, fabulous, majestic chance to ‘catch the wave’ out of this puny realm and ride the Hale Bopp comet to planet Zanfretta, the intergalactic Eden our leader and Spit ‘n’ Static! mortal representative has always preached to us!!

Artist’s impression of a 1020 listener taking their journey to Zanfretta on the day of ‘Ascension’.

We’re so happy to leave this realm, and so happy you’re joining us on our slimedustrial voyage!! Tune into Spit ‘n’ Static! next Thursday to hear our recording as we ‘Ascend’ on the orders of our dear leader!!

20.2.20, 15.00, 1020 Radio:


We’ve transcended our fleshy vehicles and now ascend round the many moons of Zanfretta!! We owe it all to out glorious, dear leader and his special medicine! DON’T CRY FR US!!!! SPIT ‘N’ STATIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!