Spit ‘n’ Static! 1020 Radio #22

“My baby left me when she went away, my blood was splattered in the alleyway!”

DID YOU KNOW? Garfield holds the world record for most syndicated comic strip, in addition to appearing in the most underwhelming and disappointing TV/film adaptations! And that ALF’s politically charged German rap single ‘ALF Wird Unser Bundeskanzler’ was wrongly interpreted by Soviet intelligence as code word for a pre-emptive missile strike, nearly triggering nuclear war! His home planet Melmac exploded in nuclear destruction! 🙈 ☢️

The alien synthpunk signal known as Spit ‘n’ Static! doesn’t just lift the veil on our societal rot, it also lurks into the recesses of your mind! It knows you hide from the crushing surety of eternal labour and wealth extraction by retreating into your carefree ‘90s childhood, crafting pointless nihilistic memes from cartoons cos, well, what else is there to do?! In the spirit of millennial malaise, check out the latest sludgeplosion that corrupted 1020 Radio with a special congealed psych-slop of Garfield and ALF (plus a song about Bart Simpson) invading your flesh like a nasty, Amazonian candiru shredding your urethra!!! 📡 👽 👌

ALF parading Garfield’s severed head by Peekasso