The Residents

Heads on Sticks Town Centre German Christmas Market Songbook

I’m delighted to present to you a festive collaboration between Heads on Sticks and the Bristol German Market!! Originally due to DJ a set in the plastic Bavarian village (next to the vape store), I’ll instead unleash the festive magic in a special one-off show!!

The annual tradition of U.K. based entertainment companies propping up tacky Munich beer halls with underpaid, bored looking staff in lederhosen goes all the way back to 1999 which no one remembers. The obligatory traipse through a drizzly, sleet filled Broadmead and zig-zagging tat merchants and drunkards with a microphone singing Bing Crosby out of tune really kicked off about five years ago, and has enchanted us ever since!

So in its absence, allow me and the authentic German Events Ltd. (based in Bournemouth) to transport you to those enchanted evenings, sat huddled with friends freezing your tits off, struggling to get through the flat lager you spent £6 on and hearing the robot oompah band playing for the eleventh time that hour!

‘Paul is Dead Man…Miss Him…Miss Him…’

‘We’re not afraid of your gods!’ – Jean Smith

Could it be? A queasy hour of Lennon-McCartney (and Harrison) compositions featuring both idiosyncratic yet affectionate renditions of The Fab Four and irreverent efforts to dismantle their saintly loftiness? Some, such as The Residents 1977 collage ‘The Beatles Play The Residents and The Residents Play The Beatles’ (‘peppered’ throughout the mix in various interludes) do both.

There’s love in Daniel Johnston’s intimate home recording of ‘Got to Get You Into My Life’, martial deconstruction in Laibach’s rallying ‘I’ve Got a Feeling’, and an entire project of dripping sarcasm born from post-punk fatigue of the Quaalude generation in the form of the audaciously titled The Better Beatles. Luv ’em or loathe ’em, there’s plenty to revel in here!


‘uɐɯ pɐǝp uo ǝɯ uɹnʇ’